Voiceglo Debuts Click-To-Call Feature

Voiceglo (OTCBB:TGLO), a global communications and networking company, today announced that it has enhanced its revolutionary Web- and PC-based applications, GloPhone and GloConnect, with an exciting new feature, Click-To-Call.

Click-To-Call allows users to dial any number they see on a Web site in one easy step using Voiceglo’s browser-based telephone service. This convenient feature turns any phone number listed on a Web site into an active link, allowing GloPhone and GloConnect users to simply place their cursor over the desired phone number, click their mouse and make a phone call to the listed party. The Click-to-Call application dials the number within seconds, and users can participate in a phone conversation directly from their computer.

“Click-To-Call is our newest offering in a suite of features that give people more options for communicating quickly and easily with their friends, family and business associates via the Internet,” said Edward Cespedes, president of Voiceglo. “With our GloPhone and GloConnect products, our goal is to provide instant global communications using voice and text.”

GloPhone is Voiceglo’s Web- and PC-based telephone that enables users worldwide to talk globally for free via a broadband or dial-up Internet connection. Users simply go to www.glophone.com, choose the area code of their choice as well as their service plan, and within minutes have a working phone on their computer desktop that they can use to make free calls to other GloPhone users across the globe. Additionally, users can make long-distance and international calls to any phone in the world for less than half the cost of traditional phone services. To date, GloPhone has paying users in more than 94 different countries worldwide.

Voiceglo’s GloConnect is an “overlay” technology that launched in Beta format in late November 2004 for use by more than 600 million instant messaging users throughout the world. The revolutionary consolidation application bridges the Web’s four most popular instant messaging services – AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and ICQ. GloConnect allows all instant messaging users to communicate across the multiple platforms seamlessly. Thousands of users have downloaded the application and provided feedback to Voiceglo for future product enhancements, including Click-To-Call.

With GloPhone and GloConnect, the new Click-to-Call option works with any published U.S. or Canadian telephone number on the Internet. Soon, Click-To-Call to international destinations will be added. However, users can still manually call international numbers using their dial pad and then save the number into their directory. All calls between GloPhone and GloConnect users are free worldwide.

For more information on GloPhone or GloConnect and the Click-To-Call function, please visit www.glophone.com or www.gloconnect.com.

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