How to Extend Fresh Kratom Powder Shelf Life

Are you wondering how to make your fresh kratom powder last? Find out some tips on how to increase kratom shelf life right here. 

Buying kratom powder in bulk helps save money. Not to mention, you can get surprising benefits and amazing deals when purchasing fresh kratom powder in bulk. Unfortunately, not all know how to keep a large quantity of kratom powder in storage. As a result, their purchase becomes damaged. 

A damaged kratom powder has no use. You could no longer enjoy the maximum potency and benefits of the plant. Moreover, it is a waste of money. 

If you intend to stock up on fresh kratom powder, make sure to follow the correct storage procedures to save the product and extend its shelf life. You can get more details here on how to preserve kratom powder correctly.

Step 1: Store in an Airtight Container

Fresh kratom powders come in a vacuum-sealed bag. If you opened the bag, transfer all of its contents in an air-tight container. It could be a mason jar or a zip-lock bag. However, a vacuum-sealed container is a better option. 

Remember that your main goal is to ensure the kratom is not exposed to moisture and minimize air exposure. Any small amount of moisture can damage the powder. It can lead to mold growth and spoil the product. 

Moreover, oxygen ruins kratom coloration and freshness. Exposure to oxygen also diminishes the strength of kratom powder. It is why keeping fresh kratom in an air-tight container is significant.

Step 2: Keep in a Dark and Dry Place

After transferring the kratom powder in a vacuum-sealed bag or any air-tight container, store them in a cool and dark environment. Make sure to find a storage area where there is no ultraviolet light. Exposure to light causes the leaves to lose their color and potency. Thus, keeping them at dark and dry spot preserves kratom in top condition.

Step 3: Label Each Container

If you have several different kratom strains in stock, label each container so you could easily find out which one contains the variant you need. Attaching labels on your jar prevents the risk of reopening the containers, and exposing the kratom to moisture, air, and light. 

Notice that packets provide specific information on kratom storage. As much as possible, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the product lasts long.

Pointers to Keep In Mind

The quality of a kratom product also affects its shelf life. It is why experts always advise kratom users to buy only premium quality kratom powder from a reputable supplier. Kratom products from a reliable source are 100% safe and have a long lifespan. Therefore, you can guarantee a good kratom experience from trustworthy suppliers. 

If you are an occasional kratom user, it is best to have minimal purchase. Buy the amount you will need. Stocking up too much kratom powder when you don’t need it will only cost money. Thus, before buying kratom products, consider your condition and needs. Likewise, understand the differences between each strain to know the correct variant for your health. Lastly, you can get the details here about the leading kratom products online.