THE GLOBE.COM’S NOW PLAYING MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES ADVANCED CONTENT PARTNERSHIP WITH AOL’S RED SERVICE (OTCCB:TGLO), an Internet communications and networking company, announced today a partnership between its newest entertainment publication, Now Playing Magazine, and AOL’s RED service for teens. The partnership was developed as a means for Now Playing Magazine to expand upon its existing readership by delivering cutting-edge entertainment news to a wider audience.

Through this partnership, Now Playing Magazine will provide entertainment news – with exclusive coverage on such “hot” pop culture topics as movies, TV, games, DVDs, music, gadgets and more – for AOL’s exclusive use within its teen-focused RED service weeks before the publication hits newsstands, and 30 days before any of that content is posted to the magazine’s website,

The RED service is a direct response to the recent surge in online usage by teenagers, which is a trend that’s expected to grow to 22 million users by 2007. The RED service allows teens to completely customize their online experience, delivering to them only the content they’ve asked for which now includes the latest pop culture entertainment news from Now Playing Magazine.

“This is an excellent opportunity to introduce our latest publication offering to a large, young and trend-conscious audience,” said Doug Brisotti, president of’s media division. “AOL’s RED subscribers will have access to Now Playing Magazine content up to 30 days before we publish it anywhere else either in print or online. In addition, subscribers will have access to our exciting streaming media content and interviews with celebrities that only Now Playing Magazine has access to.”

“We are thrilled to add Now Playing Magazine’s content to our teen service RED in order to provide our members with the most comprehensive and relevant news and entertainment information available,” said Malcolm Bird, America Online, senior vice president Teens & Kids.

The premiere issue of Now Playing Magazine, debuts in March, and will be available on all major newsstands, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and Waldenbooks. Featuring writers like Chris Wyatt, producer of the 2004 box office sensation Napoleon Dynamite, Now Playing Magazine brings the latest in pop culture entertainment news to its readers as the stories break.

About (OTCBB:TGLO) is a publicly traded Internet communications company with four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Voiceglo, SendTec, Strategy Plus (Computer Games Magazine and Now Playing Magazine) and Chips & Bits. Voiceglo ( is a global, full-service Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company that provides communication services to millions of customers worldwide via the Internet. SendTec is a leading provider of online and off-line results-based direct marketing services. Computer Games Magazine is a consumer print publication for online games.

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